Weird and Funny Technology Pictures

Weird and Funny Technology Pictures

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As they said the only constant thing in this world is change. It is like how technology changes from time to time and how it affects the lives, attitudes, behaviors and lifestyles of many. Thus, people are getting weirder and weirder each day. Communication today is right in your fingertips and the funny thing is, people are communicating via social media even if they are physically close.

Below are some of the funny technology pictures that visualize how people become so strange.


#1: I hope this won’t happen in the future, your baby as an output of your printer. lol (image source: Funny Tech Images)




#2: This is impossible but the possible thing that may be happen is your kid will love Smartphone and he/she likes you to buy one. (image source: Tech Brother)




#3: Oh com’on Dad! Change your mouse when you have time. (image source: Tech Humor)




#4: Hahahaha! What happen to these two old people? What is that app? (image source: Funny Tech Cartoons Are Funny)




#5: See? Weird! That is how secure browsing in the future. 100% your identity won’t be stolen. lol (image source: Tech Comics)




#6: Look at this! This is how people are being influenced by technology. (image source: Funny Technology Funny Future)




#7: Before, bed time stories are being read to the kids but now, stories are texted. I hope mommies won’t do this. (image source: Just Funny)




#8: It is a requirement that you should not talk too much for yourself because the one that you are dating may not be interested in you. Ooops! That hurts! (image source: The Soul Calendar)




#9: I know, there are lots of technical support agents that can relate to this. Imagine? A computer is an Operating System, how come? (image source: Funny Stack)




#10: I hope there’s no capital and lower-case zero in the future. That is too much for a tech guy. (image source: Funny Tech Support Dialog)