DIY Ottoman Coffee Table

DIY Ottoman Coffee Table

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Step 1

Saw (4) 2” chunks off the wood dowel and drill a hole ½” deep in the center of each, on both ends. Paint the sides with wood stain and let dry 30 minutes.

Step 2

Cut 1” chunks off the threaded rod. Drop a little glue into one of the holes of each dowel and screw in the threaded rod. Let dry 30 minutes.

Step 3

Drop a little glue into the holes on the underside of each dowel and screw a West Elm leg into each. Screw the extended legs into the table.

Step 4

You need a 28” circle of foam to form the cushion. To do this, use the yardstick, sharpie, and bread knife to cut a 8” section off the long side of your foam block. Place the 8” wide block next to the 22” side of the original foam block so it is now 28” x 30” long (there will be a corner missing).

Step 5

Mark out a 28×28 square and then find the center of that square. Place a tack in the center, tie a string to it and tie a sharpie to the other end of the string, 14” away. Trace a circle shape on the foam.

Step 6

Cut off the excess foam where there’s a corner shape, and place it in the empty corner of the circle shape. Then trace the missing arc of the circle on it.

Step 7

Place the pieces of the foam circle on a large piece of cardboard or trash bag, and spray the inside of each piece with spray adhesive and press together. Let dry 10 minutes. Cut around the circle shape, keeping the knife as straight as you can (up and down) as you go.

Step 8

Cut (2) 2” wide strips down the long side of the velvet fabric. Fold a strip around the piping cord and loosely pin in place. Sew along the cord (as close as you can without sewing on the cord). Continue covering the cord and sewing in place until all the strips are used.

Step 9

Fold the remaining velvet in half and lay flat. Measure a 29” square and place the tack with the string in the center. Loosen the string so the pen hits 14.5” from the center and trace a circle on the velvet. Cut out two 29” circles from the two layers of velvet.

Step 10

Cut a 90” x 5” strip from the remaining velvet.

Step 11

Pin a 1” border around each velvet circle. Add the piping cord around each circle, so that the cord faces into the front of the velvet and the tail of the piping will be with the edge of the border. When you need to join the cord, trim the cord length to match the other side but leave the velvet a bit longer so it can overlap the other side. Tuck into the other cord and cover.

Step 12

Sew around each circle, as close as you can to the piping cord without actually sewing into the cord.

Step 13

Sew the 90”x5” strip onto the piping cord of one of the circles, so that the fronts of the velvet face each other and the edges of the fabric line up. Sew as close as you can to the piping cord without actually sewing into the cord.

Step 14

Flip the velvet inside out and cover the cushion with it. Turn the cushion over and pin the excess fabric from the side strip on the bottom of the cushion.

Step 15

Place the fabric tape around the edge of the excess fabric and lay the velvet circle on top, replacing the pins as you go. Iron the fabric tape in place, removing pins as you go.

Step 16

Place the cushion on the table, and top with a brass tray if desired.

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